Aurum Group Australia Pty Ltd is the central organisation behind a number of brands, known as the ‘Aurum Group of Companies’.

Our group was formed in 2010 with a strong focus on residential real estate and property, and more recently expanding into residential building, commercial building and property development advisory.

The group has had key interests in many Trade Organisations, along with Childcare Facilities and Retail Brands.

Our core focus is to deliver quality products and services across our network of brands. We pride ourselves on high levels of quality control, as well as continual development of our products and services.

With the wide variety of brands under our Group of Companies, we are able to efficiently work within our wider network, providing strong value-adds to clients of our multiple brands, with effective cross promotion and combined services for a bespoke service for our clients.

Our focus in business is ever expanding, and we are actively assessing industries, and services to branch into.